Friday, March 16, 2012

Disturbing Theatre

"...There is another kind of theatre... Without your being aware of it, the director transports you from the world of the audience to that of the stage, where you become a participant in the life being depicted in the play. Something has happened to you...

When the curtain goes up you immediately say... 'I believe everything, everything, everything... There is my mother, I recognize her...'

The play is over, you are disturbed...  

The elements contributing to your disturbed state of mind and emotions in this case are such that you are made to concentrate and think deeply. After the performance you feel no urge to go to a restaurant. You would like to sit around some happy family table... You feel the need for an intimate talk about life's problems, philosophical outlooks and social questions....

You feel that those people whom you saw on stage last night have become near and dear to you. You want to share their sorrows and their joys. In them you see a part of your own soul."
~ Stanislavski

Thus, is Marie Curie: Rogue Scientist, a new one-woman play.

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